First Anniversary Retrospective                      


We are delighted to have brought together an exhibition of works by most of the artists who have exhibited during the past 12 months.





March iwasour first Birthday so we will have a retrospective of all the exhibitions during our first year


We will still only be open Thursday until Sunday but we are happy to arrange a visit by appointment if you wish please feel free to ask. 


April will close with the start of Frances Knight's Solo of her new work


We will then follow with a "Countryside" exhibtion. Beautiful delicate flowers and small birds by Jenny Tuxford and Countryside scenes by Richard Whincop.



June and July will be the Festival of Chichester we have a new Printmakers exhibition. On Tuesday 19th June David Peduzzi will be giving a talk and demonstrating his Wood engraving.


Polly Dutton and Nicola Rose will be displaying a series of work based on the Coastline. When the Festival of Chichester is over Later in July and All of August we will repeat out Rolling Summer Exhibition with sequence of new and previously shown artists offering a bright and colourful display of lovely works based on our local countryside, Harbour and beaches.


Paddy Martin Paintings on Sailcloth

Frances Knight


Oil paintings




Chris Gilbert


Woodcut prints

Gaye Clear

Deborah Richards



Ashley Jones

Ashley will take an image of a family group, dog, kite surfer .... what ever you wish and insert them into one of his coastal scenes.

Sue Green


The Coastline and the turbulent English Channel are a constant inspiration, as is the cafe life on the continent, the swirling wash and exotic excitement of Africa and South America. She approaches the rhythms of shape and colour from different viewpoints attempting to capture and freeze a a moment of movement, quality of light and atmosphere through layers of broad confident brush-marks and a palette of subtle hues and contrasting vibrant colour.


Her work is included in the Worldwide Art Books, Volume VII, International Directory for Contemporary Masters 2013. 

Lindsey Pearson










Lindsey works from her Studio in Storrington her paintings excude spontaneity, vibrancy and light. Her passion for travelling and painting her beloved Venice provides endless inspiration and significant challenges for especially when working en plein aire.


Watercolour and Earth inks enable her to explore her chosen subjects in the way she finds most satisfying and she enjoys the sumptuous colour ranges and exciting effects they can offer. The colourist in her is clearly evident as she loves to apply luscious bold colour in her work.



Nicola Rose

I seek to capture the essence of the weather, natural structures, and water through the use of oil paint. The paintings are a personal response to the extreme forces of nature. My fascination with wild places has been on going in my life and in my work, places that are always at the mercy of the elements, the power, and drama of waves, skies and the edge of land always changing. The space between myself and the horizon is infinite and fascinating.

My starting point is drawing /painting on site in all weathers to get down the essential energy of the place and moment, these beginnings are then developed into paintings on canvas in the studio. The paint is layered allowing the work to evolve over time, creating a rich history of colours and textures.



Polly Dutton


Polly trained as a Photographer in the 1970’s at Birmingham School of Photography and ran her own successful Photographic business for many years in Birmingham and South Devon. Polly had a change of career when she moved to West Sussex and in 2000 began training in Counselling and Social Work.


Her passion for painting began early in childhood and finally became a full time artist 8 years ago. Polly paints expressively and energetically to create work that captures her feeling of the experience in the landscape. Polly feels that her background as a therapist has given her the ability to trust the artists’ process and create work that is truly from her own sense of a place.

As an artist Polly considers a series of paintings is like producing an album of music. Each painting is of a time and has an influence, as do tracks on an album. Every work is different; individual, and stands in its own right although it forms part of a whole body of work.  


Polly’s work is about capturing the elements....the sun, the wind and rain and the effect these have in the landscape. The mark making is very important and she use colour and tone to support her desire to express energy.

She take inspiration for her work from the countryside and coastal areas surrounding the South Downs as well as her garden.





“ I feel very proud and privileged to have been asked to become the first Artist in Residence at Parham House & Gardens , West Sussex.


I will be sketching and painting in the grounds over the next few months. My hope is to capture and reflect the atmosphere and energy of the beautiful setting.  I'll be showing the new series of 


paintings in March 2018 in The Seed Room at Parham House."



Polly's work is in private collections in the UK, Australia and the U.S.A



Alexandra Beale


We still have work by Alexandra Beale on display

We now have some small Maquettes which we love 






by Karen Ongley- Snook

Something Different


Silk Scarves by Caroline Bonar

Shazia Mahmoud



Linda Foskett



Julian Marshall Print making

David Peduzzi


Wood engraving

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