Forthcoming Exhibitions



May will start with an exhibition of new works by Sue Green followed by a Photographic Exhibition including, Antonio Gouveia, Sarah Foskett and  Dominic Firmstone.  These exhibtions will take us through to the Festival of Chichester. 


The Festival of Chichester artists this year will be Frances Knight for the first two weeks and Mother and Daughter- Maggie and Helena Cochran will bring together a new series of work based on local  and favourite beaches.


These shows will all then bring us round to our 3rd Celebration of Summer a mixed show based on the local coastline and countryside.


Please make sure you see all we have to offer in what we hope will be an exciting 2019. 





Photography Exhibition


23rd May - 13th June 


We will be featuring the work of three Artists with very different approach to photography.

Antonio Gouveia

Antonio is a fine art photographer based in Portsmouth he has always enjoyed creating images according to his personal vision of the surrounding environment.

The creation of these images involves many stages of development and formation to produce a final composite work of art.

Dominic Firmstone 


Dominic is photographic artist who splits his time between West Wittering and London. A huge fan of watersports and with a great love of The Ocean, when not immersed in photographic projects or family activities, he can often be found engaged in wind or paddle powered activities on the waters around the Witterings. 

His artistic approach is unique (as far as he is aware), seeking to capture the essence of coastal environments around the world by identifying the iconic features of specific areas - often dispersed -  and combining them into striking single images. 

His ‘Facing the Elements’ series is an international project spanning the UK and Australia, bringing together iconic Beach Huts in England and ‘Bathing Boxes’ in Australia into a range of distinctive, abstracted colour palettes, reflecting the distinctive character of the individual locations in which they are found.  The pieces currently on display showcase a variety of styles from West Wittering and Brighton in the UK and the Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia.

His latest project “The Last Stand” brings together the ever present but largely overlooked structures of local beach groyns - essential sea defences – into striking geometric designs enabling the viewer to appreciate both the beauty and varying tones and textures created by years of exposure to the full force of wind, weather and water.


These projects are incredibly time consuming.  Dominic first individually photographs each object, which he describes as ‘the easy bit’. The ‘real work’ follows with extraction of the objects from their backgrounds, before numerous additional processes are then run on each and the final canvas is assembled.  Dominic uses a variety of software tools to perform these tasks, though he notes the work is almost entirely manual.

There are significantly in excess of one thousand objects in the images on display here and the number in the broader portfolios from which these works are drawn run into many thousands.  He estimates that some of the final images have taken over one hundred hours each to produce, with whole project as a whole running into thousands of hours.


Sarah Foskett

Sarah is inspired by scenes and structures: her surroundings cause immediate creative response. Drawing on these feelings, Sarah develops ideas on paper until she is happy that her picture-concept captures the emotions generated by her environment.


Elements throughout her work can be traced directly to sources in the natural and man-made environment. Sarah collects papers and interesting textures that inspire her. Some of her pictures incorporate these materials, allowing the viewer to conjure up their own picture-stories while looking at the work. The titles of Sarah’s works make the source of her inspiration explicit, creating a challenge for the viewer to decipher the pictorial link.


The futurist and cubist movements inspire her work. Her time in Italy and long periods of extensive travel are significant influences that she seeks to capture in her art.


Sarah uses a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, collage and watercolours to convey her interpretations of her surroundings, this can range from figurative through to abstraction. She works directly on canvas and board and also uses collagraph and monoprint techniques to create individual, unique pieces.


After studying Art History and Italian at University College London, she moved to work and study in Italy for 5 years, then London for 15 and is now based in Singapore. Her works are held in private collections in the UK and abroad, including America, Abu Dhabi, Mexico and Japan.


Sarah is also a photographer and one of her photographs has recently been used as the cover for the award winning American Author Kevin Power’s latest novel; “A Shout in the Ruins”











Our first show for this years Festival of Chichester will be...


Between Shore and Sky an Exhibtion of Work by Frances Knight


June 14th - 30th


Meet the Artist Sunday - 16th June 12 - 4.00 pm


Please pop in and meet Frances she will be happy to discuss her work.



The second Show will be....


<On the Beach


The first joint exhibition by mother and daughter
Maggie and Helena Cochran.
Coastal landscape paintings by Maggie Cochran and
coastal photography by Helena Cochran featuring the
Witterings and other favourite beaches.


A small selection of some of the artists we will be showing this year. We will add to this and give further details in due course.

Dominic Firmstone                   

Wendy Farley

Frances Knight

Jan Lewin Cadogan

Sue Green

Helena Cochran

Linda Foskett

Maggie Cochran

Paddy Martin

Ashley Jones

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