Forthcoming Exhibitions

Unfortunately none of these shows will now be happening other than Frances Peel which is still in our gallery .......Frozen in time!

You may like to look to see what we had planned and we will most likely stay with the same planned exhibitions when life starts again.....?






Each Month will see a Featured Artist together with a selection of works which compliment and give choice for all tastes and price ranges.


We will at all times have works by our regular artists available. Please ask if there is one you would like to see a further choice.


There is not space for many large items but we can arange to bring them to your home, if you live locally, or to the gallery should you wish to see them.










March - Frances Peel 

Frances Peel will be bringing in work from her Momento series  to become our next featured artist for March


Frances is art educator and artist living on the South Coast of England. She graduated in 1988 from Leicester Polytechnic with an Honours degree in Graphic Design having specialised in illustration and went on to attain a post-graduate in art education from Birmingham Polytechnic and subsequently spent 26 years teaching Art. In 2015 she resigned from her job in order to focus on her own practice as an artist and surface pattern designer.


“Teaching others has been essential to developing my own visual language. The daily task of reflecting on others work has taught me to be constantly open to the exploratory nature of producing art and I now actively seek the unexpected as part of my own process.”


The ‘Momento Series’ are about loss and renewal. The paintings explore the idea that personal histories and memories become progressively obscured by passing time and new experiences. Initial intuitive mark-making on the surface becomes the starting point for each work providing the inspiration for adding alternating layers of dark and light layers of varying thickness of paint. Within each layer selected elements are left unchanged developing a complex surfaces which reveal and either fully or partially obscure the history of each painting. These glimpses of the paintings evolution are now essential to her practice.


“ My paintings have evolved as a physical manifestation of an internal dialogue. When experiencing loss memories are precious links to the past but become obscured and fragmented as time passes. This can be cathartic but can also be a painful experience. My paintings physically illustrate the frustration of trying to piece together partial memories fading and changing with time. The painted layers hide passages of the painting revealing glimpses of the past and the evolution towards the present.”

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April - Emma Haylock - Photographer  and Paddy Martin - WAVES


Paddy will be with us again in April with a new body of work "Waves"  based on the local beaches and the Standup Paddle boarders. His new work continues his theme of working on sailcloth which adds an interesting dimension to his pieces.


Emma Haycock will be joining him with her photographic images of the local beaches.



Emma Haylock

Paddy Martin

May - Linda Foskett 


For the first two weekends in May Linda has decided to take over the whole gallery to become part of the Chichester Art Trail. Since opening the gallery she has not taken part as an artist in the trail and feels it is time to join in again .  The gallery will look very different as she will be bringing in her printing press for demonstrating print making. For these two weekends the rules of the trail mean we will not be able to show work by other artists but of course there will be their work available for our regular customers please just ask and we can arrange a viewing. The gallery will revert to normal when we open again on 14th May.


Photography  by

Antonio Gouveia

Sue Green

Deborah Richards

A small selection of some of the artists we will be showing this year. We will add to this and give further details in due course.

Maggie Cochran

Paddy Martin

Ashley Jones

Dominic Firmstone                   

Wendy Farley

Frances Knight

Shazia Mahmood

Sue Green

Becky Borthwick

Helena Cochran

Linda Foskett

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