Recent Exhibitions

Katherine Bowra

Fillied our gallery with her lovely delicate images 

Celebration of Summer III


Our third summer show featured Shazia Mahmood together with 35 other artists we had a fun and vibrant show of summer and coastal scenes.

We have kept quite a few pictures still available please ask if they are not on display







On the Beach a Mother and Daughter joint show.


Maggie Cochran Oil Paintings and Helena Cochran with Photography


A beautiful collection of works that completed our Festival of Chichester Shows






Frances Knight 

Between Shore and Sky


Oil paintings by Frances Knight depicting the light at different times of the day and in various weather conditions.

Photographic Show

Dominic Firmstone

Antonio Gouveia

Sarah Foskett

Elegance was a lovely exhibition of work by Sue Green

Based on Sea scapes and coastal images.

Something Different


Semi abstract Landscapes by Angeline Tournier


Something Different and Fun


We had a fun show of Paddy's work who paints on recycled Sailcloth and Marine Charts


<<Second Anniversary Retrospective 

To celebrate the end of our second year we brought together a show of work by all the artists who had exhibtited with us in the previous year here are a few examples.



Frances Knight

Sue Green

Paddy Martin



A fascinating exhibition using tonal contrast to give depth and mystery


Works on paper using pen and ink, Pencil and charcoal.


Acrylic and Oils paintings together with Printmaking in various forms



Isabel Dodson


Charcoal drawings

Helena Cochrane 


Our Celebration of Summer exhibition was a popular mixture of artists with different ways of portraying the british summer.



Paddy Martin's Coastal images on Recycled Sail Cloth made a striking addition to our summer show

Coastline was one of our Festival of Chichester Exhibtions featuring Nicola Rose and Polly Dutton



Nicola Rose



I seek to capture the essence of the weather, natural structures, and water through the use of oil paint. The paintings are a personal response to the extreme forces of nature. My fascination with wild places has been on going in my life and in my work, places that are always at the mercy of the elements, the power, and drama of waves, skies and the edge of land always changing. The space between myself and the horizon is infinite and fascinating.

My starting point is drawing /painting on site in all weathers to get down the essential energy of the place and moment, these beginnings are then developed into paintings on canvas in the studio. The paint is layered allowing the work to evolve over time, creating a rich history of colours and textures.


Shazia Mahmood

We usually have an example of Shazia's work somewhere in the Gallery

Sheila Threadgill

Sheila's work proved very popular


Maggie Cochran

Maggie was voted Cornwall Life Landscape Painter of the Year 

Isabel Dodson

Soft and gentle images of the harbour at Fishbourne

Linda Foskett

Another take on the local beach huts


Polly Dutton


Polly endeavours to capture the elements; sun, wind, rain and the effect these have in the landscape. The mark making is spontaneous and she uses various mediums to create work that is vibrant, energetic and atmospheric. She enjoys using a strong, recurring motif that abstracts the images into rhythmical patterns of colour, contrast and tone.


Polly often works by visiting the landscape a number of times, creating pencil and charcoal sketches to inform the final work. She will then work to finish the work in her studio. Polly also may work quickly and spontaneously in the landscape to capture the changing light and create a painting in one session.


Polly’s recent body of work has been inspired by the shoreline and sea around West Wittering.  Polly has created the abstract works as a direct response to her emotion to create works that are raw, immediate and alive.


Polly’s work is with collectors throughout the UK, USA and Australia.

Discover Printmaking

David Peduzzi


David gave a very interesting insight into his wood engravings and how they are produced



David Peduzzi


1975–1976   Foundation course at Middlesex Polytechnic 


1976–1979   BA (Hons)  Degree course in Graphic Design at Bath Academy of Art 


1980–2006   Illustrator and designer in magazine and book publishing


Currently living in West Sussex, making prints and drawings, and running printmaking workshops



The Original Print Show 2017, curated by Norman Ackroyd, Zillah Bell Gallery 

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2017

The Masters – Relief Prints, 2015, curated by Angie Lewin 

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

74th Annual exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers, 2012 

Omega Printmakers group exhibitions 2012–2017

Colour 2011 12th Annual Exhibition of the Pastel Society



Deborah Richards

Artist Printmaker



Deborah is especially known for her distinctive semi-abstract monotypes.  A one-time resident of West Wittering she continues to be inspired by the coast in this area and regularly visits from her home on the West Sussex/Hampshire border.  She grew up near Midhurst and attended art schools in Surrey and Yorkshire; she enjoyed a 30 year highly creative career as a 2D and 3D designer and exhibition organiser in museums. After rediscovering printmaking in 2010 she has won prizes and recognition in open art competitions including the IOW Open, Strides Open and the Sussex Open at Pallant House.  Works are held in private collections at home and abroad.  In 2012 she was awarded her first solo exhibition, ‘Chasing Light’ at the Quay Arts Centre in the Isle of Wight and this kick-started her second career as a full-time artist.

Exploring that creative space between abstraction and representation allows her the freedom to manipulate surroundings taken from memory and experience.  She is drawn to the drama of changing light as seen in many of her works.  Continuing themes include distant views of the enigmatic Isle of Wight across land and sea, harbours, sequences of shipping movements, changing light and weather in the Solent; moving trains within local downland valleys, estuaries and inland waters.. Drawings made in-situ are translated into unique silk-screen monoprints and oil on paper monotypes, achieving a semi-abstract painterly style and a distinctive visual language.  She is a member of Artel artists, Art Space Portsmouth and Omega printmakers.


Chris Gilbert



Chris Gilbert was born in 1947 and studied Graphic Design at Portsmouth and Plymouth College of art and typography at The London College of Printing. During the sixties he worked as publicity Designer for Heals and also for Harrods. After working for a design company in Sevenoaks producing a variety of graphic design he moved back to London and became freelance.

Specialising in book design and illustration he worked for major Publishers including, Heinemann, Collins, Hodder, Macmillan etc.

A love of drawing lead to a period studying life drawing and then landscape painting, selling work through galleries and living in Mexico for a year. On return he attended Morley College in London studying printmaking, specialising in etching.

After living in Frankfurt and concentrating on printmaking, he has set up a workshop in West Sussex. He has had solo exhibitions and sold prints at art fairs and galleries. His work has been seen in The Mall Gallery London, Whitworth Gallery Manchester, The Biscuit Factory Gallery Newcastle, and Pallant House Gallery Chichester.

In 2015 he was awarded The National Open Art ‘Best Print Prize’ awarded at the Royal College of Art. In 2017 his work was selected

for the Rabley Open Sketchbook drawing exhibition.


Our Countryside

Jenny Tuxford, Richard Whincop and one of our resident artists Linda Foskett displayed a variety of subjects based on the countryside. Beautifully painted birds and flowers by Jenny Tuxford. Scenes of the Southdowns by Richard Whincop and Country scenes of favourite walks by Linda Foskett


Jenny Tuxford is a retired teacher. She was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire and went to college in north London. She taught in the London Borough of Hillingdon.


Her love of art has always been a very important part of her life and she has experimented with drawings and paintings of buildings, particularly in picturesque Rye and with sketches of flowers and birds.


Since moving to Chichester, a few years ago, she has developed her interest in watercolours and has thoroughly enjoyed exploring this beautiful part of the world for her inspiration.



Richard Whincop


Born in 1964 in Fordingbridge, Hampshire, Richard graduated in Art History at York University in 1986. In 1988 he moved to Glasgow, where he become an established figurative painter. From 2006 he had a series of solo shows, including "Museum Pieces", which opened in 2010 at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum.


Richard has painted major public commissions both at home and abroad, and exhibited at galleries and art fairs throughout the UK and Ireland. He moved to Lavant, near Chichester in 2010, and has since been inspired to capture the drama and colour of the South Downs in a major series of landscape paintings.


Linda Foskett


One of our resident artist Linda always has available some of her work based on the local area


Frances Knight

New Light


We always feel sorry to see the end of an exhibition  this one was special and much apreciated by many of our visitors. which we were pleased to see meant a good percentage of the wonderful work by Frances has found new homes.


If any of you missed it or come back too late we do a have a small selection of her work for you to view.




First Anniversary Retrospective


                             Chris Gilbert 

First Anniversary Retrospective


We had a wonderful selection of most of the 31 artists who exhibited with us during our first year.


We have kept a small amount of work by some and we hope to have many more as the next year goes by.






Julian Marshall

Deborah Richards

Daphne Casdagli

Polly Dutton

Chris Gilbert

David Peduzzi

We have enjoyed a strong and vibrant summer exhibition with a variety of artists


Daphne Casdagli


Daphne is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers


She filled our space with examples of her printmaking skills









Catherine Barnes 


Catherine was the first of our three exhibitions for the Festival of Chichester.


She filled our space with her wonderful strong Abstract Landscapes


If you have visited us recently and seen work you like which is no longer on display please ask and we may be able to find it for you



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