Our Artists


We have a variety of Artists during the year if you have seen  work you like by any of these artists we will be able to ask  if it is still available.


Becky Borthwick

Catherine Barnes

Francisca Blackburne

Claudi Barratt

Carolyn Bonar

Carolyn Bates

Daphne Casdagli

Alexandra Beale

Gaye Clear

Maggie Cochran

Linda Foskett

Philip Hood   

Barbara Lammas

Jennifer Ann Martin

David Peduzzi

Su Cloud 

Isabel Dodson

Antonio Gouveia

Fleur Grenier

Chris Gilbert  

Sandra Izard  

Viv Nicklin     

Susie Olford - further details below

Deborah Richards

Linda Vine

Naomi Rae

Sarah Foskett

Polly Dutton    

Sue Green     

Ashley Jones  

Shazia Mahmood

Karen Ongley-Snook

Nicola Rose

Sheila Threadgill         

Angeline Tournier

Richard Whincop

Dominic Firmstone

Sue Hawksworth

Frances Knight

Nadia Day 

Chrissie Shaw-Town

Sylvia Tomkinson

Bridget Woods

Susie Olford has given us further details of her work to put on our website


Please contact us if you see anything you would like to view.




Ebb Tide in the Mist 20 x 40 ins  £250

Surely to the Sea 50 x 100 cms £475

Autumn Falls 18 x 18 ins £375

Swaying Fields 18 x 18 ins £250

Heat and Dust 18 x 18 ins £235

Wonderful Land 18 x 18 ins £375

Mellow Tones 21 x 21 ins £425

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